Free Quotation

Feel free to drop off or ship your Damaged MacBook or iMac to us, we will provide a full diagnostic and return it with a free quotation.

Diagnostic Fees

We only charge you a flat diagnostic fee of $65 if you chose not to proceed with us. If you proceed with the repair, we will credit you the $65 towards the total cost of upgrade or repair.

Experienced Technicians

It is important for someone with very deep knowledge on board component repair to handle the repair. We have a team of experienced technicians who worked in the industry for more than 15 years and we are happy to say that we managed to save hundreds of MacBook & iMac.

Genuine Parts & Quick Turnover

We believe in selling quality products at reasonable prices, hence we aim to use genuine and brand new apple parts. Sometimes due to supply constraints, we have no other choice than to use refurbished parts. We still ensure they meet our high level of quality checks, and ensure the parts are tested, cleaned, and meet our high standards.

We believe our customer needs their device urgently, and we strive to do our best. We keep most of the parts in stock to ensure we are providing a quick turnover for our customer.