Data loss is a very stressful and frustrating issues. Place your valuable data in the hand of reputable professionals is very important. If the first attempt of data recovery fails, the second attempt will be much harder even for the top Pros. Sometimes there is no second chance at all as the first attempt has destroyed the data already. The Mac Parts Australia is the leading MacBook repair specialist in Melbourne. We offer a full range of Mac data recovery services including MacBook data recovery, MacBook Pro data recovery, MacBook Air data recovery and iMac data recovery. We specialise in MacBook Pro A1502, A1398, A1706, A1707, A1989, A1990 data recovery.

To prevent data loss from happening, we do have experience technician ready help with backing up your data, or assist you with the tools or equipment for Auto Backup as well. 


How much it costs for data backup and recovery?

 We do charge a very reasonable price for backup and recovery. The price depends on how fast do you need your data back, and how much work needed to recover or backup your data. Kindly contact our technician now at (03) 9098 8678 for estimated pricing.